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Dog can't go to Katahdin (fwd)

Today's (Thursday, August 10) paper had an AT-related story in
it. Thru-hiker Jeff Charland who is doing a "Hike for Hunger," and
has so far raised over $3000 for a credit union-sponsored huger
program, has been unsuccessful in his attempt to get the "No Dogs"
rule waived in Baxter Park.  Employees of the credit union in
Winslow (note: state not named in article) had petitioned the
Governor of Maine to make an exception for Jeff's Siberian Husky
who's been traveling with him on his hike.  But the Governor did
not make an exception.  

Jeff is due to finish his hike in a couple of weeks.

(The article made no mention of the Smokies.)

Also - anyone in the D.C. area might want to be on the lookout for an 
upcoming article in the Style section of the Post. There was a reporter 
from the Post at the ATC yesterday - and apparently is doing an article 
on the A.T. I wish I'd asked hime when it would be coming out.