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Thru-hike planning sessions

In the back of my mind I remember seeing a flyer announcing a planning 
session/panel discussion with past thru-hikers at an REI once.  

I am wondering if I was dreaming this, or if these type sessions actually 
occur.  If they do, does anyone out there know if there is a schedule or 
if they are organized individually?

The closest REI to me is in Austin, TX (2 hours away); however, I will be 
in Atlanta from 8/11 - 8/19 where there is an REI.

If anyone has any information regarding when and where these sessions 
take place, I would be very interested and forever grateful.  BTW, I am 
starting my hike in '96.  THANKS!

Tracy Wheelis	  		"Take the adventure, heed the call,
<brooke@tam2000.tamu.edu>	  now ere the irrevocable moment passes!" 
				   --Kenneth Graham, The Wind in the Willows