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Re: Chairbacks/Gulf Hagas

>>From the late seventies to the mid-eighties my mother and step-father
>(Shirley and Keith Hodsdon) owned and operated Chairback Mt. Camps on Long
>Pond, living there year-round.  Mom fought hard to keep the paper companies
>from clearcutting around the Chairback area.  Eventually she managed to slow
>the process and negotiated a permanent set-aside of the lands within a small
>radius from the camps.

Although I never stopped in (that was a bit before my time there), I do
remember the camps being mentioned in the 1975 guidebook. I'm glad to
know about the role your Mom played in helping to save the area.

The old sporting camps are falling by the wayside or being turned into
condos. There are only a few left and those that remain won't last
unless people patronize them. Too bad we never experienced the old
days when you could hike across Maine with a good camp roof over your
head each night. The camps added a flavor to the Maine woods that we
will never taste.

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