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Hi Everyone!
        I just found out about this group from the AT Web page and I'm
pretty psyched about it (I get a really obscene amount of pleasure from
receiving mail).  I hope I can contribute something to the group.  My name
is Michael Roberts.  In 1992, I graduated from the University of Tennessee
at Knoxville (near the Smokies) with a Bachelors degree in Engineering
Mechanics. My (then) girlfriend Sam and I began a southbound thru-hike two
weeks later.  We began at Katahdin May 31, 1992 and reached Springer
December 6.  My thru-hike was easily the best time of my life, and is
probably the thing of which I'm most proud (so far anyway; I'm 26 so there
will hopefully be other nice things in store!).  Anyway, I'm excited to
find others with similar enthusiasm for the AT.
        Right now I'm a graduate student in biomedical engineering at
Tulane University in New Orleans.  It's flat as a pancake here, and I sure
do miss the mountains.  Of course, New Orleans is a pretty fun town, but
its nothing like the Appalachians.
        Hope I can help answer questions and contribute thoughtful dialogue
to this group.  And maybe I can run into some folks I met on the Trail in
1992.  Man, that would make my day!

Later,    Mike  (ME-->GA '92)