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Good evening,
I'm Tim Rich, and a new subscriber to this listserver.  Like many, I read of 
this service in the July/August Appalachian Trailway News.  I'm an ATC member 
and an aspiring 2000 Miler, having section hiked everything south of mid-
Shenandoah National Park.  A planned 100 mile trip in November will place me 
in Harpers Ferry.

I lean a bit to the conservative side of many AT issues that fill the columns 
of ATN.  I've met dozens of hunters on the AT (deer, bear, squirrell, rabbit, 
pheasant) and I don't mind sharing the Trail with them.  I take a cellular 
phone hiking with me, but when sharing a shelter I go beyond others' earshot 
to preserve their peace and illusion of wilderness.

Glad to be here, but I would rather be on the AT.

Tim Rich