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Re: Hello

>> March is basically when most through-hikers start the trail, so if you're
>> hoping to avoid crowds, this aint the time to leave.  However, it is the
>> most logical time to start the trip......
>How many is a crowd on any given day?  Two? Three?  Five on weekends?......

Well, if three is a crowd (no pun intended) then we were a hiking crowd (I
had two hiking partners.) We left March 1, and didn't have any more than
one other person in the shelter with us for over a week.

Once we slowed down a little, though, we were in a real crowd -- nearly 15
people all keeping roughly the same schedule, for about three weeks.

Through hiking northbound is _not_ going to be a solitary experience,
really, unless you leave in February or earlier. Southbounders usually get
to spend much more time alone, but regardless of direction or
time-of-departure, the AT is a lot more crowded than the PCT. Just wait
'til you hit the Whites....

-- Dennis

Mechatamen (a division of the Falling Rock Patrol), GA->ME '92