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ALDHA Gathering - Kennebec River - Shuttle List

> Kathy, do you have any information about this year's Gathering of the 
> Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association? Who's in charge of that 
> now? I haven't been to a gathering since 1987 and I would like to go to 
> another one if I can manage it. Can you help me here?	

Here is a bit of info re: the Gathering this year.  Following that is 
some info that someone had requested regarding the ferry across the 
Kennebec.  (It's going into the A.T. page under Maine.)

Re: Milt's question about the shuttle list.  I don't envision it being 
online anytime soon.  The people on the list agreed to be on the list, 
but did not agree to make their addresses and phone numbers available on 
the Internet.   While many might not care, no doubt there would be some 
who would object.  

Info on 1995 (14th Annual) ALDHA Meeting

October 6-8, Concord College, Athens, West Virginia
$17 for one; $27 for two. (Includes $7 for '95-95 Membership)

Checks to ALDHA, c/o John Stevenson, 13220 Yates Ford Road,
Clifton, VA  22024

  * Appalchian Long Distance Hikers Association) *
They also have 2 Trail-and-Work weekends in the spring and fall and a 
quarterly newsletter. For more info, send s.a.s.e. to ALDHA, 30 Donovan Court, 
Merrimack, NH 03054


1995 Info on Kennebec River Ferry
The Kennebec River is the most formidable unbridged crossing along
the entire 2100 mile A.T. The Kennebec is approximately 70 yards
wide with a swift, powerful current under the best of
circumstances.  However, as a result of releases of water from the
hydro facilities upstream, the depth and current of the river surge
quickly and unpredictably.  You cannot cross faster than the water
The Maine A.T. Club and the A.T.C. are jointly providing a free
ferry service across the Kennebec at the A.T. crossing.
The ferry will operate daily from:
May 26 to October 9, 1995 from 10 a.m. until 12 Noon
>From August 8 until October 9, it will also operate from 3 p.m. to
5 p.m.
Hikers must meet the ferry on either the east or west banks of the
Kennebec at the point of the A.T. crossing.  If the ferry is on the
opposite side, a signal flag will be provided to alert the ferry
Hikers will be required to wear life jackets and follow the
instructions of the ferry operator.  If river conditions or weather
make the crossing dangerous in the judgment of the ferry operator,
the service will be discontinued until conditions are safe.
No fee will be charged for this convenience, but donations to the
MATC or the ATC to defray the cost of the the service are welcome. 
Ferry operators will not collect any money.
If persons wish to be ferried at a time more convenient to them,
they may contact the ferry service to nogotiate a time and fee:
River and Trails Northeast, Rte. 201 - P.O. Box 90, The Forks, ME
04985 (207) 663-4441.
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