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Public Transportation Access Info. Wanted


About 10 years ago, the ATC had a very good and detailed listing of 
public transportation access points to the AT.  Since that time, both the 
ATC and I have lost this list.  I would be very interested in putting 
together a similar list.  What information I am seeking is a list of any 
type of public transportation that either crosses the AT or drops users 
within a reasonable distance of the AT.  I am not interested in people 
who provide shuttle service, as the ATC already has such a list.  
However, if you know of a town that gets bus or train service and also 
has taxi service I would like to know about that although I would want to 
limit the use of taxis to aprox. $15 one way.  Because of the rural 
nature of much of the trail, many of the areas are served by small rural 
bus companies which makes getting this information together.  If I get 
enough information to make a decent list, I will forward the list to 
the ATC and to anyone who requests it.

I would also like suggestions on how to get this information besides this 
list.  I am considering writing to the Chambers of Commerce for each 
county the AT runs through.  I also have thought of contacting each of 
the maintaining clubs.  Any suggestions?


David Smith

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