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Re: Need info on Georgia AT groups

>Hello, my name is Paul Wimberley and I am a graduate student who lives 
>and works in Auburn, AL.  I have not hiked any portion of the trail, 
>except for short day hikes, although I plan to do so in the near future.  
>I have talked with a few thru hikers and have read many books about the 
>AT.  I am interested in joining one of the groups that helps maintain the 
>southern portion of the trail.  If anyone belongs to or knows of a group 
>that does this please send me information on how to contact them.  Sorry 
>if this info appears in a faq.

If you have WWWeb access, you can check out Kathy Bilton's Appalachian Trail
home page at:


Or, try the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club at:


Otherwise, you can write directly to the GATC at the following address:

The Georgia Appalachian Trail Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 654
Atlanta, GA 30301
404- 634-6495 (Voice Mail)

Hope that helps.


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