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Maine '97 + H'burg '95 + Maintainers

> The '97 conference will be held at the Sunday River ski resort in
> western Maine. In trail terms this is about 12 miles south of Grafton

Thanks, Mark, for providing the info.  I've updated the portion of the 
A.T. page dealing with the biennial conference, and found a couple of 
links for the ski area as well as the town of Bethel.

Also - anyone who was at the H'burg conference is invited to write up a 
brief something about the conference for that section of the page.  So 
either post it here - or send it to me - and I'll take them and put them 
into the page.

Also - Andy Hiltz has suggested that a list of maintainers having email 
addresses would be useful.  So - if you're a maintainer, please send me 
your email address, along with the part of the A.T you maintain. (Or 
nearby trail, I suppose, could also be included.)

--Kathy Bilton

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