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Re: Safety on Trail + Maine '97 - Where?

>Also - Re: Maine - Mark - could you tell us where in Maine the Conference
>is going to be held?

The '97 conference will be held at the Sunday River ski resort in
western Maine. In trail terms this is about 12 miles south of Grafton
Notch, and about 20 miles east of Gorham, NH. Bethel is the closest
town of any size.

The conference will be a bit different from the college campus
environment that has become the tradition over the years. The only
campus in Maine able to accomodate a group the size of ATC would be
the University of Maine in Orono, near Bangor about 2 hours away
from the trail. By basing at Sunday River we will have easy access
to the White Mountains, western Maine, and the Oxford Hills area,
all of which offer spectacular hiking and outdoor activities.

At this point we are still in the early planning stages, so I can't
provide any details as to costs, excursions, etc. We will make
this information available when we are able to do so.

The conference is still two years away but I'm already looking
forward to it. I miss Virginia already!


Mark Stoffan                   MSTOFF41@maine.maine.edu
Portland, Maine, USA           MSTOFF41@MAINE (BITNET)
School of Library and          mstoffan@nlbbs.com
  Information Science,
  University of South Carolina

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