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My name is Mark Stoffan, and I'm currently employed by Husson College
in Portland, Maine. I belong to the MATC, AMC, and GMC and do
volunteer work on the AT as well as lead hikes for the Maine chapter
of the AMC. I've been an AT user and supporter ever since I first
read Ed Garvey as a teenager, over 20 years ago.

We in the MATC will be hosting the next ATC conference in '97 and
already have a lot of work underway. Having just returned from
Virginia '95 I'd say we have a tough act to follow.

I'm looking forward to lots of discussion on this list. I think
it's a great way for trail people to stay in touch with each other.


Mark Stoffan                   MSTOFF41@maine.maine.edu
Portland, Maine, USA           MSTOFF41@MAINE (BITNET)
School of Library and          mstoffan@nlbbs.com
  Information Science,
  University of South Carolina