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Intro and questions...

Greetings all,

 A brief intro:  my name is Tom Vallow, and I am an engineer for
Lockheed-Martin in Clear Lake, TX, working on the Shuttle program.  I have
been interested in (fascinated by?) the AT for quite a while.  I have a
couple of questions, though...

How do thru-hikers who live in apartments deal with their housing while
they are on the trail?  My guess would be that they would put things in
storage for 6 months as 6 months rent for an empty apartment is a bit
steep...but at the same time, moving both before and after a long hike
seems tedious.

Also, how do most thru-hikers deal with their 'real-world' :) jobs?  Leave
of absence? Quit, to seek employment after the hike?


 Tom Vallow