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Virginia floods

In case anyone hasn't been following the news, there has been 
serious flooding in the western part of Virginia the last several
days.  Most of the serious flooding of the last several days has
been along the Blue Ridge section, where most of the Trail goes.
Particulary hard hit have been Madison, Greene, Rappahannock,
Orange, Warren, and Fauquier counties.  US 29, which parallels
the eastern side of the Blue Ridge, is closed until Saturday where
it crosses the Rapidan river. US 522 and US 501 are also affected.
US 501 is the road that goes through the James River Face Wilderness
area, and the bridge crossing that the Trail uses to cross the James
River.  The towns of Glasgow and Buena Vista have been hard hit.  
In some instances, the rain was falling at the rate of three inches
per hour, according to some news sources.  This has probably been
the most serious storm in western Virginia since Hurricane Agnes in
1972.  So far, there has been one death, and two other people are
listed as missing.

If you are planning to hike the Trail through these sections, please
keep in mind that the Trail may be needing a lot of work as a result
of the rain.  Also, you might have difficulty reaching a trailhead
as a result of the numerous Virginia secondary and US road closings.

                                 GA-->NJ '94