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Re: Follow-up on A.T. "Hikers"

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Herb Davis wrote:

> I guess that kills my fantasy that everyone
> on the trail is wonderful.  Oh well, they weren't real hikers, yeah
> that's it, they weren't real hikers.

I often wonder if I'm a REAL hiker. (I'm not a 
killer-abandoner-of-children, though.) I remember taking a hike in the 
Smokys where there was a group of school kids on the trail in front of 
me. The teacher spotted me coming up behind (I was actually hiking as the 
last kid in line), and told the kids to step aside for the hiker. I 
dutifuly stepped aside and turned to look for the hiker and was quite 
please to find it was me.  :-)  Beth in the Soo

Beth Hronek <bhronek@lakers.lssu.edu>    Ahh, Spring in the Soo. It's 
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