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On Fri, 16 Jun 1995, Mike McCrary wrote:
> Have you ever read "Me and the Boy" by Paul Hemphill?   It's about a father
> and son walking the AT.  Hemphill also was a reporter for the Atlanta
> Journal, now working as a professor for Brenau college in Gainesville, GA.  

No, I haven't.  I'll have to look for it.
> I didn't notice the book in the book and video list on your web page.

Thanks for mentioning it.  I'll have to add it. Do you know the 
publisher and date of publication?  Most of the ones I put on 
the list were those that are currently available from ATC - though 
I did put some others as well.  I'm pretty sure I included that 
big, old 2 volume set - put out around '78 by Rodale Press if I recall 
correctly - called the _Hiking the A. T._ - or something similar. For anyone 
interested, I happened to see it for sale in a used book store last 
evening in Chambersburg, PA for $29.50 for the set. (717) 261-0541.  I 
think they also had that old National Geo. book on the AT - not the one 
that came out just a few years ago - but back 20 or more years ago.  I 
should have had a look and checked the price - but was in a hurry...

--Kathy Bilton

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