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Re: Tag hike

Mike McCrary said:

> AOL Backpack forum members have organized a thru hike that just started in
> June.  The plan is to be at Springer by the last week in December.    Their
> is a schedule and journal (including pictures) for the different sections of
> the thru  I would like to participate in one of the 3 Georgia sections.  

Thanks for the info.  I guess one has to be on AOL to see it. Oh well.

> There also is a web site "An Appalachian Adventure" (http://www.nando.net)
> that journals a "Tag-Team thru hike that several newspapers are doing.  

I wonder if the Backpacker AOL forum folks got their idea from the 
newspaper hike?

Re: one of the articles that appeared there - I thought I would attach 
below a post that was just made today to the Discussing the AT area of 
the page.  (For those who haven't visited that section and made a post 
there, if you make a post there, you will receive by email any subsequent 
posts that are made there - unless you tell it not to subscribe you.)

> As others have already said, I enjoy your web site.  Has the ATC asked to
> participate in the development? 

No.  The person in charge of info for the ATC is not at all keen on the 
idea of online stuff.  He seemed genuinely happy that - in the spirit of 
volunteerism associated with the AT - someone had created the site on a 
volunteer basis.  I would imagine that at some point they would want to 
have their full catalog and order form available on the net.

> Do you have plans for changes to the page. 

I'm sure it'll change.  One thing I've been meaning to do is do a 
separate FAQ for regular hiking - rather than just having the one geared 
toward thru-hiking.

--Kathy Bilton

Here is the post I referred to above:

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Re: Appalachian Trail (Kathy Bilton)
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In his 5/29/95 Appalachian Adventure article entitled
"Time to Smell the Flowers", John Harmon of the Atlanta
Journal-Constitution mentions the two hikers who were
murdered at Wapiti in 1981. Often, I browse these pages,
wanting to discuss this tragedy, to warn hikers of
the danger, yet I find this difficult, as one of the 
murdered hikers was my cousin Bobby. I am, naturally, 
sadly affected at having finally read something about 
this tragedy here. I am relieved, however, that those of
you who are planning to hike the AT know that there is 
danger beyond being hit by a car or chased by a bear. 
I have never been on the AT, and I am curious, is there 
some type of rememberance at Wapiti for Bobby and Susan? 
At Katahdin? These folks were hiking to raise money for 
charity, and deserve to be remembered. Thank you to John 
Harmon, for remembering them, and thank you to those of
you who will now. Peace. 

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