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Re: Tag hike

>Does anyone have any info about some sort of "Tag" hike that's
>currently ongoing on the A.T.?  I heard today that a bunch  of
>folks organized a "thru" hike via computer - I guess in the
>Backpacker area on AOL - to do a sort of relay thru-hike. 
>Apparently someone(s) started on Trail's Day in Maine and the hike
>is supposed to continue until December.  A Logbook is to be carried
>which will be passed on to the next person(s) doing the next
>segment of the hike.
>--Kathy Bilton
AOL Backpack forum members have organized a thru hike that just started in
June.  The plan is to be at Springer by the last week in December.    Their
is a schedule and journal (including pictures) for the different sections of
the thru  I would like to participate in one of the 3 Georgia sections.  

There also is a web site "An Appalachian Adventure" (http://www.nando.net)
that journals a "Tag-Team thru hike that several newspapers are doing.  

As others have already said, I enjoy your web site.  Has the ATC asked to
participate in the development?  Do you have plans for changes to the page.

A question to all:  Is their a monthly AT publication (magazine or newsletter)?

Mike McCrary