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Re: Tag hike

> Does anyone have any info about some sort of "Tag" hike that's
> currently ongoing on the A.T.?  I heard today that a bunch  of
> folks organized a "thru" hike via computer - I guess in the
> Backpacker area on AOL - to do a sort of relay thru-hike. 
> Apparently someone(s) started on Trail's Day in Maine and the hike
> is supposed to continue until December.  A Logbook is to be carried
> which will be passed on to the next person(s) doing the next
> segment of the hike.

I don't have any info on the AOL-ers "tag" hike...but it's an 
intriguing idea.  They'd have to coordinate the time and place of 
their "hand-offs" pretty closely.

Kathy, years ago, I came close to thru-hiking the trail with a 
college buddy of mine.....but marriage and kids got in the way <g>.
Recently, I stumbled across your excellent AT Web site....it has 
rekindled my interest in the trail.  I've been following some of the 
postings from the reporters.  They do a great job of capturing the 
spirit of the trail experience.

Rick Tjader  (Thru Hiker Wannabe)
  Barrington, Rhode Island