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Message from downtime...

So, how many of us are there on the list?  I live out in Western  
Mass, only
about 30 minutes from Dalton, so I've done all of the AT in Mass  
mostly on
day out-and-back hikes several times (Mass 2 to the Vermont border  
and then
back on Pine Cobble, then hitch back to the car) is a wonderful little
afternoon hike, btw.  I've also hiked most of New Hampshire (going  
to go do
Moosilauke tomorrow, though not on the AT) and some of the Vermont  
 In the south I've done Elizabethton, TN (Roan Mtn) to Davenport  
Gap, so I'm
slowly (slowly!) piecing the trail together.

I love meeting thru-hikers, (it's like seeing a moose, except the  
thru hiker
talks) so I can vicariously ooh and aah at their amazing trek  
(while standing
upwind, if possible).  I just have a hard time sleeping without a  
shower for
more than about 3 days in a row, so I don't think I'll ever be a thru

How are things going on the trail this year?  What is the vibe  
among the thru
hikers?  And is Wingfoot on this list (or is he even on line)?

I'll be going out to Great Barrington for some afternoon hikes this  
week, so
will let y'all know how many blowdowns, etc there are from the tornado...

Glad this list is here!