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[at-l] Vado Italia!

At 06:33 PM 4/30/2005 -0700, Paul Magnanti wrote:
>...or where I am spending my Fall vacation by Paul
>Magnanti. Not the CDT...but something I've always
>wanted to do. Let's hope the Euro exchange rate
>doesn't kill me. :) Should be (relatively) inexpensive
>as it wll be mainly camping. THe plane ticket is the
>exspenive part (but, not as bad as I feared as I'll be
>as I'm flying in the off season).
>Anyway, check it out:

Cool! Congratulations Mags. That looks like a good time. Any relatives 
still over there? Do you speak any Italian? Fall vacation? Before, during 
or after the Gathering? Inquiring minds want to know.