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[at-l] Environmental Thoughts [was instant rice]

I guess, we'll have to figure out whether wood that decays on an oxygen-rich forest floor, or in an oxygen-rich  deteriorating house, is the equivialent of decaying garbage, and such.

However, it is not a subject I really want to discuss at the moment. It's been a busy week. It's been a very busy week. Thursday, I took an MATC newsletter to the press. I picked it up this morning and took it to the volunteer who gets it in the mail. I returned home to get my town's land trust newsletter, which came off the press Monday, to the post office. I missed the closing by 10 minutes, but I'll deliver it in the morning.

The AMC newsletter went out last week. Somewhere in between these tasks, I had a violent "bug" attack; a message from my doc that an inflamatory artery inflammation -- that doesn't kill, but does blind -- had returned, along with a lung inflammation that may, or may not, be related to a heart prescription, that poisoned my lungs two years ago.

I told my doc that I felt I had a commitment to keep myself and my eyesight working until our Maine Appalachian Trail land Trust paid off its mortgage next October. After that we could negotiate. You can help. http://www.matlt.org/



Who was responding to Saunterer's observation, "That interesting thought from Weary inspired a quick bit of research 
> that 
> reveals:
> "Methane (CH4) is produced from decaying matter when there is no 
> oxygen. 
> Primary sources of methane include wetlands, rice paddies, animal 
> digestive 
> processes, fossil fuel extraction, and decaying garbage. Methane is 21 
> times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide." source - 
> http://www.dmi.ca/change.htm. So does that mean that 'Leave No Trace' 
> should include 'no farting'?"