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[at-l] Environmental Thoughts [was instant rice]

At 06:44 PM 4/29/2005 -0400, Bob C wrote:
>Weary endorses what Shane said -- well at least what the link he provided 
>us with, said!
>Well, I might of said it a bit stronger. All wood decays. The materials 
>released into the atmosphere from that decay, as near as I can figure out 
>are identical to those released by the burning of that wood. In nature's 
>scheme of things the results are the same. Burning wood on the trail has a 
>neutral -- actually a marginal benefit -- impact on the long term 
>protection of this fragile planet earth.

That interesting thought from Weary inspired a quick bit of research that 
"Methane (CH4) is produced from decaying matter when there is no oxygen. 
Primary sources of methane include wetlands, rice paddies, animal digestive 
processes, fossil fuel extraction, and decaying garbage. Methane is 21 
times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide." source - 
http://www.dmi.ca/change.htm. So does that mean that 'Leave No Trace' 
should include 'no farting'? ;)