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[at-l] [Fwd: Ivory bill woodpecker video]

           NY Times:


            < Gene M Sparling III sighted a large woodpecker with a red crest 
in the Cache River Refuge. Tim W Gallagher at the Cornell Lab saw the report 
from Mr Sparling on a Web site where he was describing a kayack trip. 

          Within two weeks Mr Gallagher and Bobby R Harrison of Oakwood 
College in Huntsville, Alabama, were in a canoe in the refuge, with Mr Sparling 
guiding them.

        Mr Gallagher said he expected to camp out for a week, but after one 
night out, on Feb. 27, he and Mr Harrison were paddling up a bayou bounded on 
both sides by cypress and Tupelo when they saw a very large woodpecker fly in 
front of their canoe. 

       When they wrote down their notes independently and compared them, Mr 
Gallagher said Mr Harrison was struck by the reality of the discovery and began 
sobbing, repeating, "I saw an ivory bill." 
         Mr Gallagher felt the same. "I couldn't speak," he said.

        Once Mr Gallagher convinced Dr Fitzpatrick of Cornell, the effort to 
confirm the sightings began in earnest, and the result, published in the 
online version of Science, carried the names of 16 people from seven institutions 
who participated in a search that turned up seven confirmed new sightings and a 
blurry bit of video tape. 

         An analysis of the video to determine the size and manner of flying 
of the bird, as well as other sightings and the detailed reports of experts 
like Mr Gallagher, proved convincing. 

         Dr Edward O Wilson, the Harvard ecologist and writer who has called 
the ivory bill the signature bird of the Southern forest, said the question 
now was whether there was a breeding population.

       "I'm a little hopeful," he said, given that the previous confirmed 
sighting was 60 years ago...>