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[at-l] wind screen

	Caution, galvanized wire gives off poison gas when the galvanized 
coating burns off. Most any welder knows that and takes the proper 
precautions. I use 1/8" stainless steel mesh for my pot holder. Mostly 
because it is available as scrap from work :-). When it is glowing red 
hot I believe that it helps burn fuel more efficiently. Also I wrap 
the wire mesh tightly around my alcohol stove (Fosters beer can is 
larger than Pepsi can) this conducts heat back into the stove. This 
really helps when burning isopropyl alcohol.
	I make my wind screens from throw away type aluminum foil baking 
pans. Fold the edges to join pieces and or to reduce sharp edges. I 
consider my wind screen to be a heat exchanger also. So I like for it 
to come all the way to the top of my pot. I cut out a slot  for the 
handles of my pot to stick through. The portion that is cut for the 
slot can be folded inward to form a shield for the handles.
	Storage of the wind screen affects how long it lasts. Rolling it 
around a fuel bottle is a popular way to store and avoid folding and 
unfolding. However most of the time I fold mine flat and place it 
beside my Data Book. I can still get 1 or 2 thousand miles out of a 
wind screen before it breaks on a fold.


David A Jones wrote:

> I need to construct a wind screen.  What have you guys done for a wind 
> screen?
> A couple days ago OB said he used a piece of hardware cloth for a pot 
> stand (and a wind screen)?
> What is hardware cloth?
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