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[at-l] back from Springer-Fontana

Leslie Booher wrote:

> 3. Traffic in Chicago sucked both ways. (Now, what
>  the heck does THAT mean?) asks Felix.
> What that means is that you're a country boy and shouldn't have even 
> tried driving through Chicago.  There are other routes that avoid 
> Chicago by taking you further west.

I'm a good city driver...it's the city not-driving I'm not so good at. 
Lots of construction had traffic crawling. On the way north, I went one 
of the westerly routes...and, was sitting in traffic at 7 in the a.m.

> And you said that you visited with Ryan K. Brooks.  Did you keep him 
> from his day's work of shifting the list to a faster server?

What Ryan and I did shall remain between Ryan, me and the server. (She 
was Japanese....and, just fast enough)