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[at-l] back from Springer-Fontana

Marsha wrote:

> (Felix has been verrrry naughty on the list.) 

WEll, as my father once said "Son, if you're good at something, go with 
it."  Though, I can't rightly remember how I've been naughty...I can't 
dispute I probably deserve a spanking.  (Wait a minute...that guy wasn't 
my father and that wasn't what he said!!!)

I had me a little road trip yesterday. I left my house at 3:30ish in the 
a.m. and drove to Green Bay, WI for to pick up a motorcycle (A Ridley) 
that John purchased for Elaine for Mother's Day. I got back homely at 
about 9:30 in the p. Not a whole lot of stuff happened in between. Here 
are a few of the things that did:

1. Had an extra-fine time having lunch (Mmmm...sushi) with Ryan K. 
Brooks. After nearly 10 years of 'online friendship', we finally lost 
our in-person virginity (Wait a minute...I'm not sure if that's what I 
mean.) Had a nice, albeit too brief, chat and enjoyed myself 
tremendously. It looks like we might get the band back together. 

2. Had a flirty fun time with the girlios at the Harley shop in 
Manitowoc, WI. I've never been to Manitowoc when I didn't have a flirty 
fun time with the girlios at the Harley shop.

3. Traffic in Chicago sucked both ways. (Now, what the heck does THAT mean?)

4. And, this is the best part: At about 6:30 yesterday morning I was 
next to a pick-up truck on the interstate that had a bunch of stickers 
on his back window. This was up in the far northwest corner of Indiana. 
Last night, at about 5:30, I was next to him again going the other 

That's about all I got for now. Other than the semi-trailer that had 
these words written on the side:
"Be a flirt, lift your shirt"  So, I did. (Welcome back, Amy)