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[at-l] Hat or hood?

At 03:53 PM 4/26/2005 -0400, Greg Brown wrote:

>>Now why did you go and say that? I'll have to go and watch that DVD again 
>>just to see what you are talking about.
>My wife: are you going to watch that AT DVD again?
>me: Yes.
>Speaking of all that, are there any other AT DVDs that are recommended 
>other than 2000 miles to Maine?

All of them. Oh, you wanted titles? "North to Katadhin" also 
Weathercarrot's AT DVD which is a slide show of still photos set to music 
and there's one called "Appalachian Impressions" that I haven't seen yet 
but it's the AT, so how bad can it be? I still replay the old "Trailside" 
VHS of the AT.