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[at-l] Hat or hood?

On 4/26/05 2:47 PM, "that guy" <thatguy.fehchet@gmail.com> wrote:

> Any thoughts on whether rain hats are worth the additional 4 or 5 ounce
> weight? I find things a little clostraphobic when hiking in the rain all day
> with the rain hood up. And the sound of the rain in the woods is distorted
> too. Hmmmmmmmmm? Maybe I will get a hat. A hat like the one Chad wore at the
> beginning of the "2000 Miles To Maine" DVD.

I like a rain hat with a big brim. That way I can hike without a rain shell
in warm weather, and still keep my head dry and most of the rain off my
body. In cooler weather, I can wear a wind shirt or a rain shell, and not
feel so claustrophobic inside the hood.

I am currently using a Seattle Sombrero, but I understand they have a
lighter version out now. I may have to pick one up somewhere.


Ken B