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[at-l] AT License Plate

Actually, the result is not the same. To allow both sides of an opinion to be expressed is different from allowing all opinions on everything to be expressed. There are guidelines in place to cover something of say a pornographic nature getting on the plates. The question is do you allow one side of a topic to have access to what is essentially a public forum and not allow the other side to have the same rights? If they allow one side of the topic to be displayed on the plates, the other side should have the same rights, shouldnt they? That is why this is a suit about discrimination and not a suit to eliminate the plates. Have rules, but have them apply to everyone equally, even if that means allowing something you dont agree with onto the plates, or similarly removing something you agree with from the plates.

RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:In a message dated 4/25/2005 6:14:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
infinity1plus1@yahoo.com writes:
Also misleading is the idea that the lawsuit was filed "to eliminate the 
specialty plate all together." The case was filed to open the process to all 

The end result would be eliminating the plate all together because 
the potential legal hassles would be more than they were worth to the state.

In any case, somebody has to draw the line somewhere. The state 
isn't going to allow Beavis and Butthead plates or nudist plates etc. So the 
result would be inevitable. 

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