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[at-l] AT License Plate

At 03:12 PM 4/25/2005 -0700, Robert wrote:
>Actually, to say the case was thrown out by the Judge is a bit misleading. 
>The judge actually found that the first ammendment had been violated by 
>the state. The 5th district court of appeals felt that the argument had 
>not been made properly and sent it back to the judge with an order to 
>dismiss. Also misleading is the idea that the lawsuit was filed "to 
>eliminate the specialty plate all together." The case was filed to open 
>the process to all groups. At the moment, a bunch of lawyers decide who 
>gets to have specialty plates and who doesn't. The fact that they are 
>using this power to effectively silence one side of an issue in this 
>particular means of communication is frightening. Hopefully, there are a 
>few conservationists in that group of lawyers or the "save the bears" 
>plate will be the next to be axed from the program.

There is a custom plate program in NY and I tried to get one for ADK (the 
Adirondack Mountain Club) but they deliberated too long and DMV 
"temporarily suspended" the program before they got the application in. I 
jsut checked and although DMV continues to issue new ones (NASCAR logos) 
they don't seem to have reopened the process for groups. :(