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[at-l] Anyone I know still around?


I just realised that too :-)
Anyway, I would probably fly anyway, so it doesn't
matter too much.
The great part of buying tickets from Europe to the
States is that for around 50 bucks extra (so far that
was) you are usually able to get an extra stopover at
another city.
As I often fly United and their hub is DC it normally
works out okay. Though I would have to have a look at
the other airports they frequent.

Oh well,
I'll just hike in whatever region, that has a cheap
flight to it from Europ :-)
That would be an easy criterion.

--- Nicole Markee <astrogirl@aol.com> wrote:
> On Apr 25, 2005, at 5:00, Kajsa van Overbeek wrote:
> >
> > Well... your name seems very familiar too, so we
> must
> > have been on the list at the same time :-)
> >
> > The section hiking will depend on who wants to
> come
> > and when...
> > I still like Georgia, but the NH sounds great too.
> As
> > my parents have emigrated to the US and live in DC
> now
> > I always try to combine any visit to the States
> with a
> > visit to them. From that point of view, NH will be
> > closer than Georgia :-)
> Actually, Hiawassee, GA is 597 miles from DC. 
> Hanover, NH is 498 miles 
> from DC and Gorham, NH is 603.  Traffic-wise, it's
> much easier to go to 
> points south from DC because there's a continuum of
> traffic from 
> Washington to NY that will make it a crappier drive.
>  It might actually 
> take longer than driving to NC/TN or GA.
> -Astrogirl

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