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[at-l] Anyone I know still around?

Well... your name seems very familiar too, so we must
have been on the list at the same time :-)

The section hiking will depend on who wants to come
and when...
I still like Georgia, but the NH sounds great too. As
my parents have emigrated to the US and live in DC now
I always try to combine any visit to the States with a
visit to them. From that point of view, NH will be
closer than Georgia :-)

Anyway, I guess I should take thia opportunity to ask
whether someone would feel up to doing a small section
this year and to ask when and where...

C u,

--- Art Cloutman <art@crystalacresnh.com> wrote:
>    Kajsa,    Your name seems very familiar.  I was
> on the list since 
> long before 2001.  I took a year off (2004) to
> finally do my AT thru 
> hike which I completed on Oct 25, 2004.  It was
> everything I had 
> hoped and then some.
> It is great to have you back on the list.  Where do
> you plan on doing 
> section hiking?.  I live in NH so could be available
> to help you get 
> to and from the trail.
> Art
> -- 
> Life is Good!!!
> Art Cloutman

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