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[at-l] Mara "Stitches" Dancing in Cajun Country

We stopped to spend the weekend at a Festival International and I noticed 
this very sweaty woman who I thought looked an awful lot like Mara.  I 
pointed her out to Jan and he said it WAS Mara.  So I went up to her and 
surprised her.  We ended up spending most of the rest of the evening 
together....well, between her wild dancing escapades!

Talk about a small world.....thousands of people at different stages and 
other events.  Amazing that we even ran into Mara.  We will definitely be 
getting together again while she is here.  She will be heading back East for 
Trail Days and we will be heading West after this.  Gosh, will we miss Trail 
Days as I have not missed one in many, many years.  But will be seeing 
everybody at the end of our travels at the Gathering.

By the way, Mara left this morning to start dancing again at 8:30 a.m. 
somewhere in Baton Rouge but is to return here to the Festival later today. 
I am wondering if she will still be able to walk.....LOL!  This sure is a 
happening place and....Waterfall....we just LOVE your state!!

Hugs, Hummingbird 

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