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[at-l] Re: Was Name calling Now Troll

And don't forget that Dwight D. Eisenhower had his famous mistress, Kay 
Somersby.  I thought a great deal of General Eisenhower and didn't judge him 
because of his sex life and indiscretions.  (Let he who is without the first 

I also never voted and made decisions on party until lately.  I just cannot 
accept the way today's government is meshing into a World Religion.

Christianity today sure is different than when I grew up.  It used to be 
about loving each other, being caring and not judging.  It was about 
teaching family values.  No more.

I know.....no politics...but, without some politics the AT would not be here 
and would not continue.  Those here who think it doesn't matter will be the 
first to complain when it is gone and wonder why.

Hugs, Hummingbird 

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