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[at-l] Tuckerman Ravine Photos

Last weekend, I made my annual trip up to Tuckerman Ravine on the side of Mt
Washington. April is the perfect time of year for spring sking in the
northeast's most famous psudo-extreme sking area. Its a 3 mile hike into the
base of the bowl, where you put on your ski boots, throw your skis over your
shoulder and start climbing some more.

This year was by far the best conditions I have seen in my 6 years of doing
this. The weather was perfect - clear skys and temp in the 60's. The snow was
nice and soft. And the snow coverage was crazy - meaning that a lot of the
rocks and waterfalls that are usually out in the spring were covered over.
Saturday was also the Son of Inferno race - a pentathlon that involved
kayaking, running, mtn biking, hiking and skiing. There were estimates of 2000
people in the ravine on Saturday.

By far, this was my best spring skiing trip ever. There were massive spills and
yardsales, 40 foot hucks off the headwall, even Glen Pake was there on
Saturday, apparently. I got two runs in on Saturday before heading back to the
car. On Sunday, I went back for more and almost made it to the summit of Mt
Washington. I was over 5500 feet for sure, which means by the time I got down
to Pinkham Notch, I had skied 3500 feet of vertical in one run. Not bad for the
east coast. 

Anyway, if you are interested, here are some photos:


and my favorite of the weekend:



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