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[at-l] Re: Was Name calling Now Troll

In a message dated 4/21/2005 10:49:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
s.landis@comcast.net writes:

You  might need to study more history.  To suggest that the Republicans  
hold the moral high ground on this issue is embarrassingly  naive.

I agree.  The issue of morals is a human issue and (dare I say it?) a  matter 
of choice.  Some are constricted by their peers at whatever church  they 
attend and some are influenced by their growing up years and the  indoctrination 
they received while young and some no matter what they have  learned will act 
on their impulses and on what feels good at the moment.  
No one has a corner on morals.  There are even ministers (horrors!)  who have 
"sinned" and then when caught repented.  Some of the sins that  catch the 
attention of the public are sexual and some are financial  deception.  Oh, sure!  
There are other "sins" as well.  
To politicize a person's weakness is problematic for we "all have sinned  and 
come short of the glory" but perhaps we expect more of our Presidents than  
we should.  Perhaps the human nature of a person does not expire when they  are 
elected to office.  So, to have a mistress or enjoy an affair (because  they 
can) is a natural occurrence on the part of human beings.  
There is an ethical problem though, when a boss, employer, a person with  
authority, or a person higher in the chain, takes advantage of an employee; an  
intern, a person who is vulnerable to being fired, etc., for with power comes  
responsibility.  But now I am getting off topic.
Glad this stuff doesn't happen on the trail.