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[at-l] Re: Titanium versus value



-"Camo" (Who has an IMPRESSIVE chopstick collection)
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> > Snowpeak Ti chopsticks are two part items, with a titanium base 
> > and the "eating" portion made of rosewood or something similar. 
> Yeah, the wood disintegrates... 
> Hmmm... 
> http://www.ichizen.com/chopsticks/vandk.htm 
> Pricy... 
> This looks good: 
> http://www.hansonellis.com/1engravedasiansilveraluminumchopsticks.asp 
> Shane 
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From: camojack at comcast.net (camojack@comcast.net)
Date: Fri Apr 22 00:02:24 2005
Subject: [at-l] Photos (of whitewater & stuff)
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I've done whitewater canoeing and rafting; I'm particularly fond of the Upper Gauley in WV, when it's in season...about one month or so out of the year. 

I've read a lot of accounts (at trailjournal.com, etc.) about people taking time off in the midst of their thru-hikes to do some rafting in various places, like the "aqua-blazing" option, for example.

I haven't done any kayaking in a long time, but mean to take it up again...

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> At 01:27 AM 4/22/2005 +0000, camojack@comcast.net wrote: 
> >Looks like fun... 
> >-"Camo" 
> > 
> > > Try 
> It is fun. I tried whitewater canoeing about 12-13 ago. I ran a couple of 
> races on that same river, downstream from where I took the photos. It was 
> only class 1-3 rapids. I've run the river at the bottom of the hill from my 
> house and I tried a kayak but never learned to do an Eskimo roll. I can 
> (and did) totally outfit myself to backpack for less than the price of a 
> good boat and buying a boat is just the start. It's a sport for the young 
> with good reflexes. At age 60 I don't feel the need of an adrenaline rush. 
> On the contrary, activities that promise to prolong my life are more 
> appealing than those that risk ending it suddenly. I still paddle but I 
> 'carry' around big white waves. From carol1944 at brmemc.net  Thu Apr 21 23:56:38 2005
From: carol1944 at brmemc.net (Carol Donaldson)
Date: Fri Apr 22 01:16:48 2005
Subject: [at-l] Re: Titanium versus value
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So why are these $60 and the ones below on sale for $8?

Wouldn't the Aluminum create some problems with 'taste' of some foods?

I'll stick with my Teak and Titanium SnowPeak chopsticks.

Carol Donaldson
("Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it" ~ Pope John Paul II The Great)