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[at-l] ultralight, heavy stuff, trail days, etc...

No etiquette. Just show up. Go to the ALDHA booth if you want to meet
some other listers; some of us tend to hang out there. Sheltowee (my
husband) and I (Waterfall) will be there. We're not 6'3", but we've
done a bit of hiking. Hope to see you there!


On 4/21/05, Greg Brown <gregbrown@mindspring.com> wrote:
> I continue to be truly amazed at the ultra-lightweight stuff that I'm
> seeing these days.  The last overnight trip in a tent was car camping
> so I don't count that (but don't think it was posh! - it was NC to
> South Dakota and back in a Toyota Corolla with no cruise control - oh
> we also took Boo, our 80 pound dog.  Ah, what a trip that was).
> Back to the subject.  I'm a comfort king.  10 years ago my pack would
> have likely weighed 50 pounds (15 years go I think it did, or more -
> this was the last time I went "out in the wilderness" to do
> overnight/long weekend camping).
> On one hand I can see the argument that it is more comfortable to carry
> less weight.  I can certainly see that.  On the other hand, I like to
> be comfortable within reason, as previously stated.  Though I haven't
> tested it out yet I'm leaning towards the Big Agnes Zirkel sleeping bag
> for winter use because you can get that nice, thick inflatable sleeping
> pad and the bag is large enough that it's been reported not to feel
> constricting.  Sounds perfect.  Granted, the pad weighs more then a
> foam pad but I can almost picture the comfort (again, I'll have to try
> it out first).  Truth be told, at 3.5 oz I also like the Big Agnes
> inflatable pillow. :)
> So I think I'm going to have to go to trial days this year.  I want to
> seek out some hikers who are roughly my height (6' 3") and my first
> question will be "do you go with a tarp or bivy sack?"  If I get shot
> back a look like "what are you, SICK?!?!?" then I know I've found a
> good subject to study and we'll talk gear.
> Another question: I've never been to trail days.  Is there an etiquette
> guide for the obvious newbie gathering info and pointers?  Should I
> bring some Sam's Club volume boxes of snickers to hand out to
> thru-hikers in exchange for the barrage of questions they will likely
> endure?
> Greg
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