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[at-l] Re: Off topic....for sure!

I installed release 1 of IBM's OS/2 and I was thankful that I was an 
mainframe system's programmer. The steps you had to use to install it and 
the terminology they through at you was easy enough for someone with my 
experience, but if you were a newbie to any kind of computing I'm sure it 
was overwhelming.  I do recall that it was reasonably easy to use, stable, 
and more forgiving.  What IBM failed to do (in my opinion) was make it user 
friendly enough, including the install.  I think I still have shrink 
wrapped version of it in the attic, along with a shrink wrapped version of 
Windows 3.0!  I guess that secret is out....I am a pack rat.  Along with 
all that stuff, I have the old green cards, examples of old time core 
memory, and odds and end like that.  what I am going to do with that 
stuff?  well I've toyed with the idea of making an ECM for my TR3 or TR4  ;-)


At 12:40 PM 4/21/2005, you wrote:
>Interesting to note that IBM's OS/2 was a real operating system from day 1 
>-- some 15 or so years ago. It ran in protected mode with preemptive 
>multi-tasking. (unlike M$'s amateurish attempts at cooperative 
>multi-tasking and crash on everything else in the system mode -- real junk).
>And it beat 95 to market, and could run any 16 bit Windows code better 
>than 95.
>But as one person on the list once said it lacked quality because it 
>didn't sell, and the M$ crap did sell. Kind'a like pornography and 
>Triumphs I guess -- pornography sells and Triumphs didn't. So there you 
>have it.
>Don Malling