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[at-l] Re: Was Name calling Now Troll


   My 3  uncles were killed at Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona. FDR put people harms way, if you read details leading up to Pearl Harbor. FDR had problems with the Supreme Court especially with all of his social programs.
And as far as minding my own business when it comes to morals, I won't teach my three sons that it's OK to sleep around on their wives. Just living proof of the great Democratic party FDR, JFK and WJC! Three outstanding men of moral standing.

  I am not a troll Grey Owl, I am  just an honest interpreter of History. The weather here in Colorado is finally warming up and the snow melt is finally starting to flow to the lower elevations. It's time to go explore my favorite parts of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the CDT.So until Monday,  focus on the hiking and not the politics. 

Hike your own hike.

But be real about history

Third Times a Charm

GA> ME 97'

C&O Canal 93'

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  Don't feed the troll!!!!! 

  Grey Owl

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  >> I walked along a path today knowing that people such as 
  myself have watched 
  >> our country's moral fiber disappear by the likes of FDR 
  who was with his 
  >> lover and not his wife when he died. 
  >When you people start keeping your noses out of other 
  peoples bedrooms you'll 
  >be better off.
  >> There is nothing interesting about a man who put us in the 
  middle of World 
  >War II, 
  >> that was his solution to end the depression,
  >Hello McMoron, ever hear of Pear Harbor, the Japanese, 
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