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[at-l] Trail Daze


No etiquette per se. Just show up, tent out, have a
good time. Meet some hikers. Enjoy!

It is a hectic weekend, so you may or may not have
time to pick the brain of people about thru-hiking.

The best place, IMHO, for picking the brain of hikers
on the East Coast are the Rucks held in the winter,
and the ALDHA Gathering (www.aldha.org) held in

The Rucks and the more formal Gathering have sessions
for people thinking of doing a long hike on the AT.

Trail Days, while fun, has an atmosphere that is a bit
too high octane for answering questions at times. Not
to say you won't find people answering your questions,
but it is the not the main focus. The focus of the
Rucks and The Gathering **IS** answering questions
from people thinking of walking the walk.

Have fun! It will be an interesting weekend for sure!

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