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[at-l] Hi Tecs

Jim said:

****Mags, I found a pair of HiTec Altitude boots early
his >week ($49.95 on sale) and I've been using them on
my daily walks to break them in. So far my conclusion
is that they don't really need breaking in. Damn but
they are comfortable. The only thing is, either my
foot has grown again or they run a bit small. I
generally wear an 11.5 shoe or a 12 boot (allowing for
double socks) but I ended up buying a 13. I tried on
other 13s (different mfg) and they seemed larger than
the Altitude so it isn't all my foot  getting bigger.
Thanks for the tip on these boots****

Glad you liked them! I think they are a great boot for
the money. For those who want to hike in a traditional
boot, they are nice compromise.

My current Hi-tecs (on my second pair, probably by
antoher pair end of this year) fit just right. A size
10.5. They were 2002 models. Perhaps the newer models
do run small?  Similar thing happened with my Nike Air
Pegs, the 11 fits just right. The 10.5 is too small.

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