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[at-l] Some hiking photos

Beautiful photos!
Your friend (and you) look as if you are living life fully. What a 
gift to his friends, and us.
I plan to share these with a friend of mine with a cabin up that way, 
who calls himself a "hiker-in-trainng." These might spur on the 
impulse to backpack such a lovely area (and one with fond memeories 
for me).

> I've put up some photos from my last hike with my friend and hiking partner,
> Richard, who passed away earlier this month. They are in the top gallery
> here:
> https://wwws.wfu.edu/~bennettk/hiking
> The hike was just a quick weekend getaway to our favorite spot -- the Mt
> Rogers area in Virginia. No big mileage days, no long section, just a quiet
> weekend in the mountains to recharge and renew. This was in October, 2003.
> Ken

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