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[at-l] Caring for an ancestor.

 mowed near a creek and removed some green leafy stuff.  When I turned, I 
saw a frog hopping to reach the remaining greenery.  I quickly outran him 
and cut five more feet away before he could get there.  I felt guilty, 
realizing I was destroying my amphibian buddy's home.  I left the swath of 
remaining green.

Maybe next year.

WHAT?  You don't leave a nice area around trees or off to the side for our 'ancestors' (or the other forms of life on this planet)?

SHAME.  I leave an area around my trees for the bunnies and snakes and moles and mice to hide in.   I refuse to mow where I know my little 'outdoor' friends may need to hide.

(Start joking) I'm appalled.  Just appalled, I tell you.  Mortified.  You should feel ashamed.  Get back out there and find that frog and apologize to your little green buddy.(End joking.)

FYI, for those of you who do not understand my wickedly funny personality!

Carol Donaldson
("Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it" ~ Pope John Paul II The Great)