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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'

Hopefully we'll meet on the AT or another trail.  If you are in the 
area this Sunday I'm heading back to Medoc Mountain here in NC to do 
the North East side of the trail (trails are split by the river).  It's 
a day hike so rest assured I'll leave the phone in the car.

Now, GREG, that may be the time you NEED the cell phone.  

Remember my call to the Forest Service about the guys who were building a fire out of dry grasses at the top of Blood Mountain (or did I fail to mention that?).

If I had not had my phone, I could not have warned the FS to watch for any 'wild-fire' in the area.  AND I used their 'clout' to tell the pyromaniacs to stamp out the fire and inform them that the area was a NO FIRE zone. 

Sometimes when the "the governing authorities" aren't where they are needed most, a cell phone can help get information to them.

Carol Donaldson
("Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it" ~ Pope John Paul II The Great)