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[at-l] Titanium versus value

Anklebear makes the observation that the Dollar Store sells nifty long ice 
tea spoons, probably for a $1, that should be within a few grams and less 
costly than long handled titanium spoons and sporks.

I found similar value issues after purchasing a SnowPeak titanium cook set 
with their stove. The $75 pot, lid, silverware set, cutting board and 
sierra cup were a lot heavier than similar aluminum ones from REI, Wally 
World and elsewhere. Not that long ago, titanium was the pinacle of light 
weight and quality - but expensive - gear. It isn't nearly that much of a 
fashion statement any more.

We had an earlier thread about obtaining gear assuming no limit to budget 
or time. There are lots of options to expensive high quality gear that 
compromise on cost, weight and durability - but the compromise may be well 
worth the effort.


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