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[at-l] N[OT] Trail Days Breakfast...more like "San Diego"

I am now, totally confused as to where Shelly and I are cooking breakfast.


Linda Benschop wrote:

> Yes! Yes! Please have it in San Diego this year.  Then we won't have 
> to miss it.  This will be this first time in almost a decade that I 
> will be missing Trail Days.  I am already feeling sad about it.  But 
> now that you are considering having the breakfast in San 
> Diego....well.....I just might be able to get there!  That is.....if 
> these gas prices don't keep climbing. Everytime we look at the pump 
> the numbers are up.
> So the official Trail Days Cat, Jingle won't be there this year.
> See everybody at the Gathering!!
> Hugs, Hummingbird