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[at-l] FS: Some assorted hiking stuff


I am trying to make space in the old gear closet. All of this gear is used,
but well-cared-for and in good condition. Prices include Priority Mail
shipping in the Continental USA. Payment by Postal Money Order. I can
provide photos with a little notice (I'd have to go shoot them <grin>).

1. The North Face Super Kazoo Down Sleeping Bag. Size Long, Left Zip, Blue
in color. $99 shipped. (Such a bargain!) This is the warmer version of the
classic Blue Kazoo, with a microfiber shell, down-filled draft collar, and a
few ounces more 600-fill down. TNF rates it to 10 degrees F. I have used it
for all my cold-weather backpacking in the Southeastern US for the last few
years, and I find that it is comfortable down to about 20 F or so without
any extra clothing, warm into the low teens with some long johns, and I have
been mostly warm into the single-digits with a down jacket and fleece pants.
YMMV. The bag weighs 56 ounces in the stuff sack, and is about 61 inches
across the shoulders. I am broad in the shoulder, and the bag is
comfortable, but I do sleep on my side. It includes the original stuff sack
and the original cotton storage bag. The bag has been stored in the cotton
bag every night it has not been on the trail (though I will probably ship it
stuffed to save space). The bag has recently been properly cleaned.

2. The North Face Canyonlands Solo Tent. $75 shipped. This tent got rave
reviews from Backpacker Mag a few years ago, and for good reason. For a
traditional backpacker, this solo tent is a palace -- plenty of space, great
weather protection, and the front door can be opened with two trekking poles
to make a nice awning for cooking or lounging. This package includes the
tent, fly, single aluminum pole, original V-shaped aluminum stakes, and all
stuff sacks. The downside, of course, is that it weighs just over 4 pounds
total. It's possible to rig the fly only to save some weight, but this does
not include the proper ground sheet for this purpose.

3. Osprey Aether 60 Pack, size Large, color Blue. $99 shipped. Great pack,
3.5 pounds in this size, 3900 cubic inch capacity. Very popular in recent
years as a long-distance hiking pack. This pack has seen several weeks on
the trail, but it's still in good conditions.

These first three items would make a nice starter set for a tall hiker. I
would be willing to sell them as a set for $250.

4. Equinox Sil-Nylon Flat Tarp, size 10x12 feet. $49 shipped. I have
attached short loops of cord to the grommets, for a total weight of 23
ounces including the mesh stuff sack. This tarp smells like wood smoke, due
to an unfortunate incident involving hypothermia. (It's not bad, and would
probably air out eventually.) Used once. This would make a great kitchen
tarp for a group, or it would sleep 3-4 hikers.

5. Outdoor Research Double Bug Bivy.  $49 shipped. This is a 2-person *mesh*
bivy sack with all mesh on top, and the OR Hydroseal floor. It includes a
single Delrin pole to keep the mesh off your face(s), and two sets of pad
loops to keep your pads in position. Useful under a tarp or in a shelter,
this item is Brand New. If you wanted to use it with another person, you'd
need to know them really well. Includes stuff sack, 25 ounces total weight.

That should do it for now. Thanks for looking.

Ken B