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[at-l] Trail Days Breakfast

So is the model train museum and the SD zoo!


At 03:16 PM 4/20/2005, you wrote:

>On Apr 20, 2005, at 8:01 AM, Jim Bullard wrote:
>>At 07:33 AM 4/20/2005 -0400, Bror8588@aol.com wrote:
>>>I will be in San Diego, CA over that time period.
>>Nice place as cities go. Don't miss Balboa Park.
>I second that!  Balboa Park is wonderful.  Take some extra time there and 
>check out the Worlds Largest Pipe Organ and, even more so, The Museum of 
>Man.  Even with out these two gems the park is still a wonderful place to 
>lose yourself for a day.  The aviation museum is also first-rate.
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